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Privacy policy

This text provides information on the privacy policies adopted and executed by "Hard Drive". Some of these are:
1. What kind of personal information is collected by users;
2. Which organization collects such information;
3. how this information is provided to third parties and organizations;
4. The principle of protection of personal rights for child-born users;
5. Detailed information about the ability of users to select which of their own information may be given to third parties or organizations;
6. How the user information may be changed or deleted; And
7. The security system used by Hard Drive to prevent the loss of user information stored in the database, misplaced handshake, and unauthorized use.
"Person Identification Information" is information that a person introduces himself / herself to other persons, communicates, and similar reasons and data about his / her database.
 Examples include your name and surname, your address, your phone number or your e-mail address. You can send any questions about the Privacy Policy to

This Privacy Policy is confidential with our User Agreement and must be acknowledged at the time of reading and accepting the Privacy Policy.
These agreements apply only to the Hard Drive site and the services provided by Hard Drive. Other sites (organizations linked by third parties, or cooperating with Hard Drive) may have their own principles and contracts, but they can not be controlled by the Hard Drive and therefore do not pass bets on this contract.
1. Content of Personal Information Obtained from Users. You, we are obliged to give some personal information in some cases. These are:
(A) When you register Hard Drive,
(B) when you are a member of our free services and / or organizations,
(C) when you are writing forums,
(D) when you are notified by email or form, and
(E) when you are recording to play online games.

You may be required to provide personal information for any service or situation within your web page. At the same time, you may be asked about user information from other organizations that are contracted. If you have any complaints about us, your personal information may be obtained from other organizations, from other sites in our network, or even from third parties you are communicating with, but this will vary according to the format and content of the complaint.
2. It is technically possible for service providers or institutions providing your access to automatically obtain information about which of your Hard Drive services you are using. In such cases, however, no personal information is obtained from you. We use "cookie" technology, which is a feature of your web browser, and our system always recognizes you whenever you come to our site through this software called cookie. The software called cookies are files containing small information that your computer has registered and these files are not available on our site. Cookie software accelerates the Internet experience and makes it easier to use. You have the right to deny cookie software at any time by turning off some features in your web browser, but some parts of our site may cause problems if cookie technology is disabled.
3. Use of Personal Information and Release to Third Parties. As a general principle, the personal information of users is not given to third parties or organizations. For example, you do not sell information such as your name, surname, personal tastes, e-mail addresses, etc. that you gave us by trust. However, in some parts of our system where personal information is requested from users, it is clearly stated where and for what purpose this information can be used. The information contained in this agreement does not pass through a number of pages that provide personal information and warnings, and are acted upon in full accordance with those warnings. As an example, where and how you can use the answers you give any question, you get a warning before responding to the questions. Your personal information is never exchanged with third parties that do not take any security measures or access the security level.
In some cases, we may use your personal information that you have contributed to provide feedback and verify your information. Any information that may be sent via e-mail is not considered harmful to the use of such information. Personal information is also directly related to the content of the information that will come to the user; No information will be sent in the content that may not be appropriate under the age of 18.
In some cases, your personal information may be provided in connection with new services to be provided to users and companies working in conjunction with Hard Drive.
Such information may be used by third parties and organizations whenever we voluntarily send personal information to you, for example, on your personal web page, chat rooms, or forums. In such circumstances, giving your personal information will be a behavior that you have completely voluntarily committed, and Hard Drive can not be held accountable at all.
Your personal information is kept together in a community so that our system and web site remain available and can be expanded and worked on. This information is also used to make such settings when the ads and information related to your interests appear on our web page.
4. The Principle of Protection of the Personal Rights of Child Age Users. Hard Drive are always open to users under the age of 13 and there are special protections for users in this status. We are advised by families and parents to ensure that these users are present during the activities they perform on our site. No person under 13 years old can submit information to our services, write to our forums and discussion areas without family consent under international agreements.
5. Collection, Usage and Distribution Control of Personal Information. You can set which part of your personal information to use by the methods described in chapter 6. Acceptance of personal information must be verified by the parents of users under the age of 13 for international agreements.
Please note that organizations outside the Hard Drive have their own Privacy Policy, and your personal information you may give them (even if they are Hard Drive based sites and organizations) may be entirely different, so we encourage you to ask questions and investigate the privacy policies of other organizations.
6. Correcting, Updating and Deleting Personal Information. You can always access your personal information and update them. These include your e-mail address, the games you are registered with, your username, your password and your signature on our forums. In addition to these, you have the right to change many more personal information through our services. You also have the authority to delete some of the information you have notified us. If this information is deleted, neither of us can use this information, nor can it be prepared to be sent to third parties in the future. Your user records and personal information that you have deleted or changed can be found in different databases for archival purposes or in old versions in different sites.
7. Security Principles. A number of regulated and supported security measures are intended to protect the privacy, security and privacy of personal information. Hard Drive, on the other hand, are committed to ensuring the full security of your information by using all the necessary technological facilities. Even if the personal rights of our users are as important to us as they are, we can never guarantee that registration and personal information will not be given to third parties due to existing laws. As an example, we may be forced to give some information to any state body due to laws. The personal information required to correct any potential problems that may arise or may have arisen in such unintended circumstances may be submitted to law enforcement organs and courts, as deemed appropriate by us.